Tribal Temple Devadasi ~
Fire & Fusion Belly Dance
Kailua Kona, Hawaii

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Tribal Temple Devadasi ~
Fire & Fusion Belly Dance

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Laura Crittendon is a multi-disciplinary visual and performing artist. A professional dancer, choreographer, and show designer for a variety of first-class Performing Arts celebrations and events, Laura puts her unique creativity and improvisational flair into each original performance. Laura has over a decade of mastery and advanced study in multiple dance forms from around the globe, including Sacred Temple Dances of the East (the Devadasi were the sacred temple dancers who devoted their lives to dance as prayer within the temples of the East), Tribal Fusion Bellydance, Fire BellyDance, Traditional Hawaiian Hula, Danse l’Orient (Raqs Sharki), Indian Bollywood and Bhangra, Polynesian Dance, Pop and Club Dance, and even Martial Arts. Blending these "stylizations" has allowed Laura to create her own unique "Tribal Temple Devadasi" Fusion style of bellydance. Her work has been described as "eloquent, beautiful, mesmerizing" and "gracing the stage with great style, artistry, and beauty." Her range and dynamic personality appeal to a wide variety of audiences of all ages around the world.


If you are looking for a fun-filled, social, dynamic show for both kids and adults, then I am your dancer! I would be happy and honored to perform at your event! My performance will make your party quite memorable and so much fun! Laura performs several creative dance forms at shows. She can also work with your party theme! The most popular dance types are Tribal Temple Fusion Belly Dance (with and without fan veils - pictured at right) and Fire Belly Dance (pictured above).

Laura is blessed to have performed her unique dance style at small intimate parties, large concerts, clubs & lounges, charity fundraisers, and corporate events all over the Hawaiian Islands and on the mainland. As a former member of the now defunct Hands of Fatima, she choreographed and performed with local musical geniuses Anela Strings and Leche de Tigre. As a now solo artist, she has performed with Kailua-Kona's dynamic Green Machine, with touring DJ Adam Rhythmstar, and many others. As a solo artist, she has had the great honor to share the stage with Belly Dance greats such as Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, Deb Rubin, Blacksheep Belly Dance, Shakti Dance Movement, and many more. As a professional Hula dancer, Laura has graced the stage of Hulihe'e Palace, many restaurants, resorts, and private homes in West Hawaii, and even the prestigious Merrie Monarch Hula competition three years in a row.

You have found
"the right place" if you are searching for:
  • Something fresh, creative, unique, and avante-garde for your next party, event, or celebration,
  • Something that honors our Hawaii home, yet also brings in elements from other cultures for a unique experience,
  • You want to bring some Bellydance or Bollywood entertainment and fun to your event,
  • You're looking for that classical quintessential Hula Dancer for your event or party,
  • You'd like to make your event HOT HOT HOT by bringing in Fire Belly Dance, or
  • You're wanting to learn the ancient art of Oriental Dance (aka Belly Dance).

As a professional performer, Laura is available for events, parties, as well as instruction. She is the innovator of "Sacred Dance" which she describes as "Moving Artwork" as well as being a Fire Belly Dancer, Tribal Temple Fusion Belly Dancer, and Bollywood/Bhangra dancer. She is an award winning choreographer and an up-and-coming couture costume designer for dancers with exquisite taste and a sense for the old and artsy.

Laura is also a licensed massage therapist, dance therapist, yoga therapist, Pilates master trainer, in addition to her work as a professional dancer and dance instructor.

Feel free to meander around the site and learn more. If I can answer any questions, please email me.

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